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An Ordinary Woman's Journey of Surviving Obesity

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I’ve been told for months that I should start blogging. A friendly yoga instructor even informed me that according to my astrological chart, I would make a decent writer. I guess she didn’t get the memo from my 11th grade English teacher who told me to re think going into Journalism. Either way, here I am, writing my first blog.

I am to the point in my weight loss where it is SO noticeable, that before I can finish saying “hello” to people who I haven’t seen in a few months, they are interjecting with “You look amazing! How did you lose the weight?” I certainly don’t mind re telling my story, over and over again. I am my mother’s daughter after all. But I have gotten pretty good at summarizing over a years worth of information. I made small changes over the course of many months. I stopped eating refined sugars and highly processed food. (If you can even call it food!) I precooked and prepared meals in advance. I began to move my body more because it felt really good to do so.  I found courage to stick with my new lifestyle even through the difficult weeks.

To date, I have lost 126 lbs. Without surgery. By eating food sourced as close to nature as possible, exercising and having a hell of a lot of determination.

People call me “inspirational”. They tell me what I did seems so simple in theory -and it is! They think perhaps they can do it too – and they can! They tell me what I did seems so obtainable. The funny thing is, when I started down this path, it was for mostly selfish reasons. I was putting myself first for a change. I was expressing true self love instead of self acceptance of a complacent existence. Don’t get me wrong. There is truth in the whole “I am getting healthy to be a better wife/daughter/friend”. But for the most part it was all about me. So to find myself the poster girl for extreme weight loss was very surprising.

If this is the position that others are putting me in then I am more than happy to climb onto the pedestal. There’s a good chance I might stumble… who I am I kidding, I’ll probably knock the damn thing over. Just know that I will always get back up and keep standing. That is how you succeed.


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