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The moment my feet stopped hurting on the walk to the bathroom every morning, is the moment I decided to start moving my body even more. A valuable lesson that I have learned in my fitness journey is that if I don’t like it, I won’t do it. Seems like a ridiculously obvious statement, but you wouldn’t believe how many people sweat their souls out in their over priced gym and loathe every minute of it. I think that if I truly want to call the changes I have made a “lifestyle” and live it like this every single day, then I should be getting  some enjoyment out of it. And let me tell you – there are hundreds of ways to move your body without stepping foot on a treadmill.

Even though I am no longer a part of Weight Watchers, the day I joined them, is the day I quit my membership At GoodLife Fitness. I’ve come a serious long way since then and still have zero desire to get a gym membership again. Part of that reasoning is that my work schedule is not a fixed point. It is constantly changing and so committing to going to a facility “x” amount of times a week/month to get my money’s worth doesn’t often pan out for me. Plus, a gym setting isn’t really my thing.

You can call me frugal (you can call me cheap too, but I will respond better to “frugal”), but I really don’t like paying an arm and a leg for fitness related activities. Especially the ones with a monthly fee. There are so many free (or nearly free) ways to move about in this world. Walking for instance. Which I know sounds as boring as watching grass grow, but it is a free activity. Along with that idea, If you were to Google “At home body weight work out moves”, you would be overloaded with YouTube video clips and websites which give you all you need to bust out a full workout right in your living room.

Which is exactly how I found Cassey Ho and her baby “Pop Pilates”. Cassey isn’t your stick thin, cheerleader, model type smiling from ear to ear as she does 20 burpees in a row. She is gritting her teeth, nearly out of breath and pushing through her own workout right along with you! She’s a beast! She’s quite inspirational and something about her voice and her commands to “get lower!” really work for me. And all it takes is an internet connection to watch her FREE videos, so naturally, I was sold. “Pop pilates” is a form of pilates that she invented that is a bit more face paced, set to music, and you don’t necessarily count reps, you just follow the beat of the song. She has a huge stockpile of videos on her channel and millions of followers all over the world.piit-spread-no-button

Her version of pilates is even taught in gyms across the United States. She’s appeared in fitness magazines and this March she debuted PIIT28. This is taking a mix of pilates and HIIT (high intensity interval training), done for less than 30 minutes, 6 days a week. You get the support of the PIIT28 community -“Piitsters” as we call ourselves – through social media, access to the online workouts for life AND a free t shirt at the end. It was a one time cost of about $30. (A bit more if you want the meal plan – but my diet is pretty dialed in, so I was cool with just the work out vids) I love her free online exercise videos so I was slightly hesitant about spending the money for this exclusive program, but thought, “I really like that t-shirt”, so I signed up.

At the point in which I started PIIT 28, I had already lost 119 pounds. I lost an additional 10 pounds throughout the 28 days plus 9 inches off my body!! The only change in my routine was the addition of this exercise program. If you are familiar with losing weight you might know that this far into a weight loss journey it can get harder and harder to shed pounds so the fact that I was able to lose what I did is pretty remarkable.


Besides Weight Watchers, I have never signed up for any workout program before. This was a really fun way to test out the waters. I loved it! Trying new and different things is the only way to figure out what you like and what you want to keep doing in terms of fitness goals. My advice – be a “yes man” when it comes to stuff like this. If someone says that they have a week free pass at their Yoga studio, go for it! If someone suggests that you give a Boot Camp style of working out a try at a different facility, what have you got to lose? Try it all! Find what fits for YOU.

There will be a new rock climbing gym opening in my city in the next few months. I already signed up for my free shoe rental.

If you would like to take the PIIT28 challenge or just want more information about it, visit


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7 thoughts on “PIIT28

  1. Amanda!! I’m finally now discovering your blog, and it’s wonderful! I’m so impressed with your journey over the last couple years, and so pleased for you. I always thought you were a beautiful, amazing, impressive gal, and this is just one more way you’re inspiring me. 🙂
    And I’m SUPER excited for the Windsor Rock Gym to open – I’ve always wanted to try rock climbing, and I love that there will be a place so close by! I’ve been on the lookout for future rock climbing buddies – we should make a date to go as soon as they open!

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  2. Nice post – you’re totally right about people going to the gym and loathing it. No wonder so many people give up on their weight loss goals! I’m glad you found something that works for you 🙂 For me, walking on my lunch break at work has helped – there’s a beach nearby (cold this time of year) but it’s a nice walk and I love it.

    Thanks for sharing!

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  3. solid post keep it up Amanda

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  4. Rock climbing! I want pics!

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