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The least interesting thing about me is how I look



You don’t fall down the weight loss rabbit hole and emerge “unchanged”. I look different than I did 2 years ago. Losing over 135lbs will do that. I have successfully shrunk my fat cells. (Go me! ) My thoughts about food and its role in my life is also different. But that’s it guys. That’s where the changes end. I still have the same laugh, the same heart. I have the same goals I have always had….plus a few new ones.

current weight

I may eat slightly different from how I used to but that doesn’t stop me from eating what I want from where I want. Only now what I want to eat is healthier food. And I can get it everywhere from the little greasy back road restaurant to The Keg. There will always be something on the menu that fits the way I choose to eat. Please don’t mistake me for someone who imposes their lifestyle habits onto others. No one needs to walk on egg shells around me. You can eat chocolate cake in front of me, I won’t mind. I am the last person to sit in judgment on what other people eat. I might have personal views on some things but by no means do I think everyone should conduct themselves the way I do. Do what works for you. If you decide your lifestyle isn’t working the way you want then have the courage to make some changes. I am happy to be a source of support and a shoulder to lean on.

Even though I have adapted my every day to one where I can be healthier, I still carry the same values for my life that I did before. To get to where I am today I made the decision to act on some of them! Although I know my appearance garners the initial interest, I do not want the focus to be purely on how I look. That is such a tiny part of me and my journey. Take basic everyday functions for instance. Some things are almost brand new to me. It’s like being a toddler. You get to look at things like it is the first time.

Of course I am proud of my health achievements. I am proud to have become more fit. I like the way I look and I know there is absolutely nothing wrong with admitting it. I worked hard to have that viewpoint and continue to work hard in appreciation for my body. I never want that pride to be confused with being vain. I also don’t want people to think that my lifestyle is so vastly different from theirs that it stops us from having things in common. My healthy lifestyle is mine and mine alone. It certainly doesn’t need to cause a divide. There is so much more to me than health and fitness. Not that I think I am all that exciting – on the contrary, my days are pretty standard, but here’s a few examples for you.

It may surprise you to know that I am entering my 10th year of running a successful small business.

I am actually missing a tooth – you would NEVER know by my smile (its a back tooth).

And during the month of October my spare time is spent free hand painting pumpkins.

None of these things have anything to do with how I eat or what I weigh. Despite me giving just the highlight reel these days, I am sure my family and friends are already getting sick of hearing about every little milestone. Although I will always remain an open book about the details of my weight loss, I know someday the fascination will fade. When that time comes it won’t bother me in the least. In the meantime my aim is to never come across as boastful or “braggy” about it. I wish to remain as humble as possible. One day we can look back fondly at that time in my life where I lost some weight.

I am about so much more than my appearance. I was when I was obese too.


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13 thoughts on “The least interesting thing about me is how I look

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  2. From where I stand, this line: “the way I look is the least interesting part of me” (I may have rephrased it a bit) is not just brilliant; it is a paradigm shifter. You seem to have gained a lot more than just a different looking body; and it is incredibly inspiring. You didn’t let the things you did to get to where you thought you wanted to be define who you are. Of those millions of people who have gone through all those regimens and restrictions and will power driven and deprivation based experiences you came out transformed spiritually. Deepest respect and admiration to you!

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    • Wow. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment those words. You get where I’m coming from and I am so happy to know that I have been able to translate those thoughts and feelings through my writing!


  3. It’s funny how we put so much into what a person looks like, rather than making an effort to get to know them. Mass media doesn’t help in that regard. Kudos to you for changing your life for the better- so many people try and just can’t keep it up. Have fun! Enjoy your fit body.

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  4. This: “I am about so much more than my appearance. I was when I was obese too.” is everything! Brilliant! (And it does not in any way take away from the massive accomplishments you’ve made in getting to a more fit, healthier, you.

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  5. It is always good when you can achieve something that will take some time.

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  6. U were so cute at that time too.. 🙂


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