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Summer, sports and sweat


I have friends who have told me to my face that they really don’t like being around me outside in the summer time. I will admit I can get a bit hysterical if a bee comes too close….flying insects in general really. Never trust a lady bug. But I am sure another reason that they lose their patience with me is that in years past I didn’t have the greatest attitude about partaking in ANY outside summer activities. As an obese person, I found that I overheated – fast. Just by walking sometimes. So forget about exerting myself physically past that. It wouldn’t take much at all to exhaust me. I live in about the most southern tip of Canada which gets a full four seasons and our summers can be smog filled, humid and downright brutal. That just gets amplified when you are carrying around so much extra weight. I would sweat in places no one ever should and I was fully convinced people could tell.

Besides the excess weight, another reason why my core temperature would rise so quickly is that I refused to wear shorts. Which was a personal choice, but even if I did decide to don some smaller apparel, I still would’ve been sweltering to a very uncomfortable point. I grew to hate summer. I would find any excuse to stay indoors. I fully understand why my friends said what they said. I knew it too. I was no fun to be around when I was outside in the summer time.

This summer is different. Yes, I am still deathly afraid of bugs, but hot weather… not so much. Yes I can still get hot but it is so much more manageable. I even jumped for joy when my volleyball buddies suggested we play on some outdoor sand courts. In years past I remember LOATHING the thought of it. Knowing how sweaty I would get in my black yoga pants and thick t shirts. I remember dealing with the sweat marks that even dark coloured clothing didn’t hide, despite my efforts not to raise my arms too high. Everyone else would be in much more appropriate clothing and enjoying the sport the way I wished I could. I certainly wouldn’t play my best. I was worried about so many superficial details. Thoughts like that would consume me as I played.

old vball

The force of the ball literally knocked me backwards into the sand. I laughed, but this was a moment of very low self confidence…

Now, I am literally throwing myself into the sand to get that ball. Jumping and diving, squatting and running to get the dig – in short shorts and a tank top to boot! I get to concentrate on improving my skill and enjoying every moment of the sport. I have always loved volleyball, just didn’t have that same love for myself. You can see how easily the things you want to enjoy in life are squashed by your own insecurities. That is a thing of the past for me.

This past weekend I got to enjoy my active lifestyle with my husband……on a bike! I haven’t owned or ridden a bike in close to ten years. Felt really fantastic to get back up on one. We took a trip down to a local National Park – Point Pelee. We brought our bikes and I can confidently say we rode them on every bike path they built! We estimate about 15km in total. It was a hot and humid day too – full of bugs. As much as that part dove me crazy, it was loving every second of the physical exertion that had me smiling – no too big of course – no one needs to be eating the bugs!


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6 thoughts on “Summer, sports and sweat

  1. Looks like you have a wonderful summer in store! Gaining so much encouragement from your story.

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  2. Thats awesome! good for you for coming so far. i live kinda near toronto. which province you in?

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