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Deeper Than Fat – An Introspective Look At My Expanding Consciousness



My blog posts up until this point have been fairly light. I’d like to go a bit deeper on this one. It is amazing what just losing weight has taught me.

The point of the different challenges that we all face in our lives is to teach us something – not just piss us off. My challenge was being obese and having an unhealthy association with food. My challenge was centered around my body. My outward appearance showed this challenge but the process to heal ultimately came from its inner workings. My specific weight loss journey has taught me to REALLY listen to my body. This goes far beyond hearing my stomach growl in the morning because it is time to eat. The intuitive eating patterns that I have been developing have given me a deeper understanding for how my body, mind and spirit are all connected.

The healthy changes that I have implemented in my life have opened me up to the endless possibilities that are right in front of us all! I’m sure you’ve heard the words “wildest dreams” before. Things that seem so crazy to happen that you can’t even imagine them. Well, it has recently clicked in my head that I am the creator of my life. All actions begin with thoughts, with an image. You want to move your arm, your brain sends a signal and you move your arm. You created that. You have the power to manifest anything. Yes, anything.80193-positive-energy-quotes

What a wonderful gift that this weight loss has given me. My consciousness has become so vast that I dare say it is infinite. (In fact, I know it is!) It’s to the point where I am looking for my next challenge, constantly! I want to learn more, do more, feel more. And there will always BE more, so long as I will it into being.

You may have also heard of the “law of attraction”. If not, look it up, because it is really fantastic. But for a quick example let’s say you over slept your alarm, stubbed your toe walking to the bathroom and burned your tongue on your coffee. You might decide right then and there that this is going to be a horrible day and what else could possibly go wrong?! Likely, a lot more. You invite more “disasters” your way simply due to the negativity you are feeling and projecting. You are setting yourself up. The opposite is true as well. Feel positive, emit positive, attract positive. Like attracts like. I have found this to be 100% true. By living a more healthy, optimistic and in turn – happier life, that is the sort of experiences and people that have come my way.

I believe that the positive energy and flow that my life now has, can not only be seen by those around me, but felt by those around me too. Our bodies give off a myriad of different energies every single day that can be sensed by everything around us.


An example is being in a room with others where there is a silent understanding of something serious and people will say things like “you could cut the tension with a knife”. Everyone is feeling that same energy. For me, I always love going to hockey games where so many of the people in the arena are there with the same positive energy, cheering on their home team. That energy is infectious! These energies just continue to grow stronger and be felt deeper when there is more of the same kind. Again, like attracts like.

The opportunities that I have created have allowed me to expand my personal understanding of my relationship with my entire body and those that it comes into contact with. What’s even more amazing is that the energy that flows through me as a type these words can be felt by those who read them, some of whom I will never meet. This blog, my radio interview and my own thoughts all amplify these positive energies and propel me (and you!) forward in our own life journeys.

I use to try and downplay the effect I had on people. But I am learning to embrace it and see it for what it truly is. As humans I think we need to stop thinking of our lives as coincidences that “just happen”. As if we have zero control. We actually have ultimate control. While we cannot control other people’s thoughts and actions we do influence them. We are capable of so much more than we are currently aware. Open yourself up to ALL possibilities. Expand. Learn. Share. Repeat.

I will encourage you to click this link and take a quick listen to this song. It’s been my mantra lately.


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6 thoughts on “Deeper Than Fat – An Introspective Look At My Expanding Consciousness

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  2. Just starting to learn this lesson. For most of my life I have tended to be negative. Told myself that if I expected nothing I couldn’t be hurt. Realizing now what I lie this was and how I was hurt anyway. Trying to be so much more positive. It is a moment by moment choice.

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  3. Love it! Next time I’m having a bad day I’m gonna turn it around with positive thoughts!


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