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Loose Skin and Other Frequently Asked Questions

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You had over 100 lbs to lose, weren’t you afraid of loose skin? Do you have loose skin now?

Heck yeah I was afraid of loose skin! It takes watching the Biggest Loser to see what goes into a skin removal surgery and the amount of weight I wanted to lose was on that level. I remember the weekend before my new lifestyle began. I watched so many YouTube videos about lose skin. Trying to find someone who had lost weight naturally the way I was going to and seeing how they dealt with it. Most of the videos I came across were of people who had gone through gastric bypass. Nothing fit the description of my journey. But I did learn that building muscle was key to minimizing how much lose skin you might get. The simple truth is that living with a bit of lose skin is the far better option than living with obesity. Plain and simple. The anxiety towards it wouldn’t deter me from my goals.

I do have a bit of lose skin, but nothing very noticeable. Training the way I do today should help minimize it even more as the years go on. It does exist but it is extremely manageable.

How much more weight do you want to lose?

If I didn’t lose anymore “weight” from this moment on I would be perfectly fine. That’s the truth. I have come so far and am so happy with my physique at this pint that I’m cool if no more change happens. I am training and eating in a way that is supportive of the goals that I do still have for my body though. “Weight” is comprised of so many factors. By the end of the year I would like to lose about 5 more lbs of fat. But I would like to gain about 1 -3 lbs of muscle. I have that tricep bat wing thing going on. It used to consume the whole arm, now it just sits on top of the one muscle group. I’d love to get rid of that. As well I would like to try to firm up my legs and abs a bit more. No rush, just specific goals I have. The basic number I see on the scale may not reflect all of these changes to come. Thus the reason why a body composition scale is so important to measure progress from different points. So while the “weight” number may not be moving around as rapidly as it once was, I am aiming to continue to alter my body and get stronger.

What does a cheat meal look like to you?

To me, a cheat meal is anything that I am not cooking for myself in my own kitchen. I will never go to extremes at restaurants however. I am still smart about the choices I make. Despite asking for little to no oil, steamed veggies vs pan fried and lettuce wraps vs buns and bread, there is still a ton of sodium and ingredients used to prepare the food that my system is just not used to. Not only would I feel sluggish and retain a lot of temporary water weight if I were to eat a 1/4 pizza, or a fettuccine alfredo pasta dish, or fried Mars Bar to cap off a full course meal, my body wouldn’t tolerate it and I would get a serious upset stomach. I’m sure I would regret the indulgence immediately. So for the most part, I stick to chicken or fish dishes, I will enjoy a glaze or red wine sauce that it might come in and maybe a small appetizer. And this “cheat meal” happens 1x a week at most. For a guide to how my meals typically look, click HERE for a previous post all about my diet to lose over 140 lbs.

How do I start to lose weight?

You start. Now. The right time is this minute. You stop making excuses as to why it is a bad time. Excuses contain no solutions. You start by making a list of the things you know you could start changing right away. Like water instead of juice or soda with your dinner. A light Pam cooking spray instead of vegetable oil for your veggies, and a brisk walk around the block before you call it a night. Pick things to change that you know are going to be fairly easy to start with. And then do them. Every. Single. Day. Don’t stop. After a few weeks, make larger changes while still sticking with the ones you already made. Don’t stop. Consistency is the secret. The only way to get better at doing something is to do it all the time. It doesn’t matter what it is. Change something. You need to or you wouldn’t be unhappy where you are right now. A pattern will fall into place naturally and you would not believe the organic process that you will have created!!

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