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The Real Me – What It’s Like To Be A Cover Girl

Shia LaBeouf said it best. I’m not famous.

I didn’t lose weight to become known for it. I didn’t go looking for any attention, I just went looking for better health. I’ve written before about how putting out positive thoughts can attract more of that into your life. Well, ta da! I am on the Cover of Woman’s World Magazine this week.

How did this happen? That’s a question I can’t seem to stop asking myself. My tiny speck of a blog got noticed by the magazine’s editor and things just developed from there. Along with the 2 page spread and being the cover model, I was hosted on radio talk shows and interviewed on the evening news. Pretty overwhelming for this girl! I learned a lot about how hard working the local media personalities and journalists in my city are, and how fast paced it all moves.

I found myself dealing with quite a bit of anxiety the past few days. Radio and TV have to condense the past year and a half of my life for time’s sake. I don’t want to screw up the message. This whole ordeal will mean nothing if it doesn’t come across as authentic. I don’t know if I’m really cut out for dealing with all the media attention that I have been getting. I very much expect to be just a flash in the pan. In another week, many will have totally forgotten my story. But if one person says to me that I played a role in their own personal journey of change than my anxiety is worth it.

I stressed my need to remain authentic to Woman’s World the first time we spoke. My weight loss transformation was a natural one. I refused to be pigeon holed into making it fit into the current diet trend. If my story was to be told, it would have to be MY story. I am very satisfied with the job the writers did. I am not so satisfied with the job that the Photoshop team did. I knew when I signed the photo release during the shoot it would be expected that they might whiten my teeth, I wasn’t expecting a whole new mouth shape. Not that I think I am some fabulous beauty, but I never really minded my mouth. Or the lines on my forehead when I smile. Or my nose. There were quite a few changes made.

I’ll let you see for yourself.


I think if I were ever to be turned into a Barbie Doll, this picture would be a good representation. I am not angry, sad or hurt that they felt it necessary to change parts of my face. I am just thankful they left my body alone because that would be a complete lie and not cool at all in my opinion. I find it a bit humorous to be honest. Once I got over the shock of looking at a picture that was me -but not quite me – I found it hilarious. I’m not sure the things they changed actually made me look “better”. I kinda like me the way I am. “Flaws” and all. In fact, I have never enjoyed my crooked teeth more. S0 thank you Woman’s World for sharing my story and thank you for giving me even more reasons to love the person that I am.

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The Skinny On Supplements


No one begins a journey at the half way mark. Everything is a process. The idea of taking supplements might be brand new to you. I was never that kid whose parents forced them to take the Flintstones chew-able multivitamins. I was actually envious of those kids. The vitamins looked and tasted like candy. However, I did have to choke back vomit once a day as I munched on Tums calcium tablets due to a milk allergy. Fruit flavoured my ass. Orange, yellow or red – they all tasted the exact same – disgusting. That was my one and only foray into the world of supplements until just recently.

I refuse to break the bank to live out my new healthy lifestyle. I like to get the most out of my purchases – who doesn’t? When I learned of how important the role of protein would play in my diet choices, I knew that eating three or four chicken breasts a day wasn’t going to be the most cost efficient way to get it. I remember shopping at GNC for the first time. Thank god for the friendly staff members who humored my thousand questions about how to use protein powders. I remember being so scarred of how they would taste. They aren’t super cheap and I didn’t want to invest in a crappy flavour. I felt like the weight of the world rested on this decision. I went with an orange flavour that made claims to be ideally mixed into water. I was so new to the supplement world that mixing it into anything else would have been too much for me to handle. Baby steps, right? As time has gone on I have become more comfortable with using them. I even bake with them now and I have become an expert smoothie maker. My flavour combos would blow your taste buds away! Move over Booster Juice!

As I would come to find out, protein powders are the equivalent to training wheels on a bike. It’s a safe starting point for supplements. You don’t need to be aiming for weight loss or muscle growth to utilize them though. There are so many more different types of supplements on store shelves and many would argue that the bulk of them are completely unnecessary. Like everything I have come across in my journey, I have done a lot of research about the decisions I choose to make. That absolutely (and especially) includes supplements. The sales people will try to talk me into purchasing a lot more, and being a bit knowledgeable before stepping foot into their territory allows me to make the most informed decision.

I was adamant that the fat loss I would achieve would come from dietary changes and not from gel capsules in a bottle. I never wanted to become physically or mentally dependent on a product like that. I wanted as organic a result as possible. So I stayed clear of a lot of what’s out there. Even detox tea products all seemed like such scams to me and honestly all seem to be forms of diuretics than anything else. I got very far into my health and fitness journey without the need for anything more than the protein. Throughout the past year or so, a picture has started to form in my mind. It has gotten clearer over time. It is a picture of my body. Rather, a picture of how I want my body to look. Knowledge is indeed a powerful tool and once my mind realized that, it was off to races. If I want something, then I know that I have the ability to put in the time and work to get it.

I mentioned in a previous post about my view on muscles. Woman and muscles to be exact. In my opinion, tone and definition of my muscles is something I want to have. My food choices certainly help make getting them a reality, and when GNC reached out to me with an offer to try out some fitness Accelerators, it was the right time for me to say yes.

In order to reach my goals I have to up my game when it comes to workouts and training. I have to be honest, it was mostly fat that I lost this past year but some of it was muscle. It is unrealistic to think that I would lose just fat alone. I have been prepared for a while that the time would come when I would want to build back up my muscle and my strength.

Before GNC‘s offer came along, I did some initial research into additional supplements. Things like BCAA’s, pre workout and post workout out supplements to help with the repairing of muscles that break down during workouts. I learned that there are more ideal food choices to eat pre and post workout and that there are products available to aid in stamina to help you push out more reps in your exercises. A supplement called Leucine, was one that I was really excited to try. It basically makes it easier for me to work harder. Leucine specifically helps to build lean muscle and aids in Protein Synthesis. It helps to quickly repair my muscles that get worn and torn during my workouts.

For the past month and a half I have been using Leucine Accelerator a couple times a week when I weight train. I have noticed a pretty decent increase in strength and I couldn’t be happier. I have gone from using 10 lb weights for certain upper body exercises, to 15 lb weights. I also find that I am not as sore the next day following some of my more intense weight sessions. I am able to recuperate faster. And that allows me to work harder again, sooner. All of this just adds to my self confidence and not only makes me look stronger but feel stronger, getting me closer to my next fitness goal.


Where To Start – Blunt Motivation For Those Who Think They Can’t

In my dreams I am still obese. It’s strange that after all the work I have done on the mental side of weight loss, that my subconscious hasn’t caught up to reality. One day I know it will. I have learned a great deal about my patience threshold thought the past year or so. I have learned so much about myself in general. I am honestly not sure if I would feel this connected to myself had I not gone through this transformation. I probably wouldn’t. The most difficult part of changing one’s life is all connected to the brain. It’s the center of all our patterns and habits. It is impossible to have a healthy body with a negative mind.

Labour Day is around the corner and then it is back to routine. Back to the usual pattern of every day life. If you are looking to change your every day life, create new patterns and habits, then this blog post is for you.

You might think the very first step is finding your motivation. You’d be wrong. Even it was, I can’t tell someone how to find their motivation to change. And in this specific case, motivation to lose weight. Your motivation is ultimately going to be a product of your own life experiences. Whether you decide to change

your habits as an example for your family or a health necessity, that motivation will be yours and yours alone. I will also add that motivation isn’t a fixed thing. It can change throughout the journey. I would even venture to say that you could start changing your life without a clear idea of your motivation and likely find it along the way. A greater purpose is often revealed to us when we take huge leaps of faith.


The real first step is the making the choice in your mind to create a change in your life. Broken down into its simplest parts this means making a choice of commitment and repetition. Commit to yourself and to changing your life. Then repeat those changes every single day. Sounds simple right? It is in theory. It’s in the practice of these ideas where people can get tripped up. I urge you to stay the course.

The most challenging part of losing weight is living the mantra each day of commitment and repetition. You must let go of all the excuses you have used in the past. Stop talking yourself out of this! Any reason you have ever come up with to not focus on your health and losing weight has done nothing for you but hold you back and silence your abilities. You have to push fear of failure aside. All of this takes great mental strength. But you have the power to do this. You are so much stronger than you realize. The people who achieve their goals ALL had to start from square one. So why should you be any different?

You don’t need to have every angle figured out before you start. I didn’t. For me, it was almost a blind leap of faith. I knew I was changing quite a bit from how I normally eat and live. But change creates change – I was stopping one pattern and beginning a new one. I couldn’t really envision how things were going to go. While that was scary, I pushed through and learned to live in each moment instead of stressing about the unknown. It was a conscious decision every single day until it wasn’t anymore. In today’s society everything is available so quickly for us. We get frustrated if things aren’t happening immediately. Sustainable weight loss and improved health will never be one of those things. I had to wait and so will you. This is how I developed incredible patience. Remember there is no deadline for weight loss. Whether or not you can see or feel this change right away, by choosing something different for yourself you HAVE changed and you ARE changing. Enjoy that feeling. The feeling of being renewed, refreshed. Commit to to it, repeat it. The external results will show in time.

Know that you are worth change. You are worth the hard decisions you will have to make.  You have the power and you are in control. Harness that strength. It is not reserved for special people, it is in all people. You know it isn’t going to be ”easy”. Every person on this planet has “good days” and “bad days”. Can you imagine how great a feeling it is to have a sense of accomplishment on a “bad day”? I guarantee you no one has ever looked back on a day like that, having still stuck to their new healthy life patterns, and felt any sense of regret. What you will feel is empowered and unstoppable. The rough days will build you up even greater than you can imagine! Commit to pushing though the bad days, because you will absolutely have to repeat it. Everything gets easier the more you do it and the “bad days “ won’t seem so bad for very long.

Do yourself a huge favour and stop focusing on the end result. No need to do that at the start of your journey. You might be like me and will have a hard time even picturing what that will look like. You don’t need to picture exactly what you will look like or feel like. All you need to picture is that the change is possible. That the change will happen. The end result, just like your motivation, might morph into something different as you move through your journey. You are now in control, you are choosing better foods to eat and how you move your body throughout your day. You are creating amazing positive energy! Take that positive energy and use it to motivate you tomorrow, and the next day. Repetition. There are going to be days where you have to push yourself. There are going to be days where you don’t push hard enough. It is so important to feel the highs and the lows. That is how you find balance and that is how you find yourself.

Whatever personal turmoils you are going through do not define your entire existence. You are not your current situation. What defines you is how you deal with your current situation and how you emerge on the other side.

Deep breathe, re set your focus and begin again. How does anyone ever get good at anything they do? Commitment, repetition.