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The Real Me – What It’s Like To Be A Cover Girl


Shia LaBeouf said it best. I’m not famous.

I didn’t lose weight to become known for it. I didn’t go looking for any attention, I just went looking for better health. I’ve written before about how putting out positive thoughts can attract more of that into your life. Well, ta da! I am on the Cover of Woman’s World Magazine this week.

How did this happen? That’s a question I can’t seem to stop asking myself. My tiny speck of a blog got noticed by the magazine’s editor and things just developed from there. Along with the 2 page spread and being the cover model, I was hosted on radio talk shows and interviewed on the evening news. Pretty overwhelming for this girl! I learned a lot about how hard working the local media personalities and journalists in my city are, and how fast paced it all moves.

I found myself dealing with quite a bit of anxiety the past few days. Radio and TV have to condense the past year and a half of my life for time’s sake. I don’t want to screw up the message. This whole ordeal will mean nothing if it doesn’t come across as authentic. I don’t know if I’m really cut out for dealing with all the media attention that I have been getting. I very much expect to be just a flash in the pan. In another week, many will have totally forgotten my story. But if one person says to me that I played a role in their own personal journey of change than my anxiety is worth it.

I stressed my need to remain authentic to Woman’s World the first time we spoke. My weight loss transformation was a natural one. I refused to be pigeon holed into making it fit into the current diet trend. If my story was to be told, it would have to be MY story. I am very satisfied with the job the writers did. I am not so satisfied with the job that the Photoshop team did. I knew when I signed the photo release during the shoot it would be expected that they might whiten my teeth, I wasn’t expecting a whole new mouth shape. Not that I think I am some fabulous beauty, but I never really minded my mouth. Or the lines on my forehead when I smile. Or my nose. There were quite a few changes made.

I’ll let you see for yourself.


I think if I were ever to be turned into a Barbie Doll, this picture would be a good representation. I am not angry, sad or hurt that they felt it necessary to change parts of my face. I am just thankful they left my body alone because that would be a complete lie and not cool at all in my opinion. I find it a bit humorous to be honest. Once I got over the shock of looking at a picture that was me -but not quite me – I found it hilarious. I’m not sure the things they changed actually made me look “better”. I kinda like me the way I am. “Flaws” and all. In fact, I have never enjoyed my crooked teeth more. S0 thank you Woman’s World for sharing my story and thank you for giving me even more reasons to love the person that I am.


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17 thoughts on “The Real Me – What It’s Like To Be A Cover Girl

  1. Hi Amanda, I get the Women’s World magizine weekly and when I read your article I almost cried. A matter of fact I did have some tears. Your wt. when you went on your honeymoon is very close to mine. Things like what you went though are a lot like things that have happened to me. I have a ?. I googled Tosca Reno the author you talked about. She has so many books. To begin with which one would you recommend? I would appreciate it. I will be checking your blog for support on my journey. Wish me luck!! 👍

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    • Hi Carla. Thanks so much for the kind words. I actually have never read any of Tosca renos books. Until the article I had no idea who she was. Woman’s World asked her opinion and placed it in the article, so I don’t think I’d be much help on that front. But diet and health aside, I can recommend a book that I’m reading right now. It’s called Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, it’s life changing. I promise it’s worth the money. It has nothing to do with health and everything to do with realizing your potential. And in my experience, that is the one thing that will keep you stagnant in your journey or propelling forward. I highly suggest it. Thanks for your interest in my blog. I typically post 1 to 2 times a week. Keep in touch!


  2. Hello Amanda! I read the article with interest. FINALLY someone who has done it without gimmicks, or too much structure, or white-knuckling it through some crazy scheme or really weird foods. It was inspiring. Just a no-nonsense, no excuses approach to being kind and positive with myself and my weight issues. Commit and repeat – relentlessly! I must say I also agree 100% with your comment that you look much better with your real smile than some super-imposed pasted-in number. Had NO idea they do this kind of thing! Good luck in your journey! I’m going to ramp up my own, I think, based on this article. Would like to get this done, once and for all – a lifetime goal to eat healthy and be relaxed about food in a normal way while living a lifestyle that does not result in my being constantly more or less overweight. I’m much older than you – been there done that twice in a big way before – once it lasted for a few months, and the second time it lasted for 2 1/2 years. Your recovery, by contrast, sounds completely solid, based on some of the intervening trials and tribulations that nevertheless have not thrown you off track. That’s an important difference. I know a few people who have finally conquered their food issues and kept it off for a long time. I know it is possible. I want to be one of those people before I hit 60. Thank you for sharing your personal story.

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    • Joy, lovely name first of all. Second, thank you so much for the kind words. If I can be a catalyst in a any way for you, it is my pleasure! Your lifetime goal sounds achievable. In fact I know it is! Because anything we want, we can have. Simple in theory, more difficult in practise, but NEVER impossible. I hope you’ll keep me in the loop as to how it plays out for you. Keep in touch!


  3. Wow! Fantastic!
    (And your face did not need photoshopping.)

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  4. Hi Amanda! I just bought the magazine because of your story. You are a regular gal, like myself, and you really have inspired me to continue on track. I began a plan to lose weight last month and it helps so much that I am doing relatively the same thing as you. It’s nice to have that validation and to know that the tough spots are real and will happen but the payoff is worth every minute of it. Thanks for allowing yourself to be put out there!

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    • Thank you for the feed back Rose. It means so much to me too. I insist on remaining authentic and truthful about the process. The biggest truth about losing weight naturally is……it is completely possible!! I am so happy you’re on the road to your own goals and please keep in touch!


  5. Amanda~~You are just the inspiration I needed! I’m 57 and have put 30 lbs on in 6+ years, which I had kept off previously for 5 yrs doing Weight Watchers. I went through a bad divorce 6 years ago and the stress from that caused my diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, very painful every minute of the day; my thyroid is sacked; Graves disease; osteopenia; and now, high blood pressure! Needless to say, I did try Weight Watchers again but just couldn’t get into it. I wanted something different to see if I could jolt my body with something different.

    Today I got my issue of Women’s World and there you were!!!

    Therefore, tomorrow a.m., I will weigh myself and start the 5 daily mini meals.

    Thanks for sharing your success.


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    • Thank you for reaching out Jill. It sounds like you’ve had a lot thrown your way. Just imagine how great it is going to feel when you reach your goals despite all of it. Freakin awesome that’s how!! If you ever want to talk privately, my email is Keep in touch, I’d love to be updated along your journey! All the best to you


  6. Hi Amanda,
    I wanted to reach out to you. I saw your picture on a magazine as I was checking out at the grocery store. It really struck me and resonated with me. I’ve been looking for people with similar weight loss goals as myself and I just really can’t seem to find them….then I saw your picture with the caption half her weight. That is my goal. I logged onto your blog and began reading it. I thought to myself finally somebody gets it. I was inspired by your blog and thought if you can do it maybe I can too. I’ve been told I won’t crave sugar once I eliminate it from my diet, and that it will get easier to resist food that you once liked when you start eating healthy. Well I’ve been on my journey for a very short 3 weeks but I still crave the “bad for you” food. I will continue to work but I wanted to say thank you for the inspiration. Did I read correctly that you lost approximately 130lbs in 10 months? That is amazing! Well thank you for taking the time to read this. I apologize for its length but I just wanted to tell you thank you for the inspiration and congratulations on the healthy new you!

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    • Hi mandi. I loved reading this! Thank YOU for reaching out! Yes you read right. It honestly has taken me about a year and half to lose 144 lbs. Which is nothing! It’s such a short time period when you think about it and every aspect of my life is different now…all for the better. First, congrats on making the choice in your life to become a healthier person. That’s the hardest part. Throwing the excuses aside and attempting to create a new routine is not easy. High five to you! I hear ya about cravings. I recall my 3rd week in and it was pretty brutal. It took about the 3 month mark to get rid of a lot of them. But being a woman, cravings are a monthly ocurance lol. I’m still tested. Sometimes I give in, lol, but when I do, it’s not a bag of chips. You’ll never find that in my house. I keep healthy snacks on hand for those emergencies. The cravings will get easier I promise, but sometimes they never fully go away. That’s the honest truth. I don’t want that to discourage you, on the contrary, I hope it shows you how strong you are! I also hope that you keep in touch. My email is If you’d like to discuss your journey privately, feel free!! I’d love to get updates from you. I can tell how ready for this you are, it’s very apparent and I wish you all the best on your journey.


  7. Hi Amanda…you are very authentic and I have heard your interviews on the radio. This was my first impression when I listened to the interview. Congratulations on your weight loss and just being the ‘real you’! You are an inspiration to me regarding weight loss and in being you! 🙂

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  8. Did you use the why protein powder when you were losing weight or only after your weight lose to increase muscle mass?

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    • Hi Kathy. Thanks so much for taking the time to read my posts! I used protein powder from day 1 of my weight loss journey. I used it in shakes and I also used it in the form of a bar, usually Quest bars. I really like the flavour if the One Bars as well


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