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Thin Blood


​I think a lot of people would claim that autumn is their favourite season. Maybe you have a birthday around this time,  perhaps you like the colour change happening on the trees and I imagine you’re a fan Halloween- who isn’t? Plenty of great reasons to love this time of year. 

For me it’s all about the pumpkins. Not eating or carving – but painting.  I paint pumpkins.  This year I painted over 30. The most I have ever done! 

I dont paint them just to sell them, although that was what happened this  year and the main reason I did so many. I just genuinely love doing it. I find mixing the paint  to get the perfect shade of blue a sort of  “zen like” experience. I get to zone out and pour all of my creative energy into this one action. This October hobby takes up a lot of time. In order to get this many pumpkins done I had to scale  back on my fitness routine. Boy did I miss  it. NEVER in a million years would I think I would crave exercise as much as I do! So as October comes to a close, I bid it a fond farewell and am very anxious to get back to my exercise regime.

A fond farewell is also given to summer….yet another thing I didn’t anticipate missing as much as I am right now. I know a lot of people who welcome the weather change over from summer. People who love the warm, cozy sweaters, sipping some type of hot beverage and feeling that crisp breeze. I used to have a lot in common with those people. The key word is USED to. Yesterday  it was 8°C and I was in a parka with gloves and a scarf.  Walking dogs for a living  keeps me outside most of my work day so it’s important for me to be comfortable in whatever mother nature  chooses to throw at me, but being comfortable in cooler weather is proving to be pretty difficult. I barely got through  our unusually mild winter last year, so you can imagine how terrified I am for this winter. 

Since losing  a lot of weight, I freeze at the slightest whisp of a breeze. It seems I can never get warm enough…and it’s only  October.  This will be one long winter if I can’t get  a grip on this. Friends laugh and think I am exaggerating. I REALLY wish I was. I do think there’s something to being thinner and having less fat as insulation. I get cold so fast now. Those of you who have been thin for your  whole life have the upper  hand. Your body knows how to regulate heat properly or you’ve simply  built up a tolerance to colder temperatures. You probably still feel the chill, but something tells me you’ve got a better handle of it than me. I envy you.

 My old problem was that I would over heat easily. I loved colder weather. I get now why people love  the summer so much.  Being cold sucks.  Extremities go numb,  it’s almost painful! I get little sympathy for this problem ,  and that’s ok, I get it. I don’t need it. But I DO need some supplies to get me through until Spring. So  I will be highlighting and circling thermal blankets,  slippers and “Snuggies” on my list to Santa this year. 


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2 thoughts on “Thin Blood

  1. Great pumpkins ! I also noticed after i lost 6olbs within 3months..i was all of a sudden freezing all the time to. But i still had 30 lbs to loose at the time?? Now 5years later i am still trying to take off those 60lbs.

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