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New Year New Goals

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How many reading this have already broken your New Years resolution? How may never set one at all? And what is your reason for not setting one? I am of the mindset where every day there are goals being set. In my world, I don’t need the start of a year to do that. Neither do you. Let the beginning of the year signify a fresh start by all means, but your personal goals need to be happening all year round.

As much as this is a time to look ahead and make plans, I find myself doing a lot of reflecting on the year I just came through. In terms of “success” I feel I nailed about every opportunity that came my way. I hear people talk about how rotten they thought 2016 was. I do not at all share that sentiment. But I was dialed in and more focused on myself than I have been a good portion of my life. I brought a sense of positivity and possibility to everything I touched, so I guess that is to be expected.

It just takes a couple seconds to hop through some previous blog posts of mine to see how exciting the past year has been for me. So in looking ahead to the coming year I initially thought “God… how can 2017 even come close to being as great as 2016?” Surely there will be no magazine cover, no huge weight loss accomplishments or radio interviews. (AM800 can’t seem to get enough of me, so who really knows on that last one…)

It’s true I won’t have any of those old accomplishments, but I’m planning on a whole new set. The goals I have for myself may not be as noticeable as a 150lb weight loss, but it doesn’t make them any less significant. My journey is ongoing and I’d like to share what I wish to achieve in the next 12 months. Maybe in December we can revisit my goals and take a look at the progress made. Because there WILL be progress made.

For 2017, I have personal and health related goals in front of me. I’ll start with the health related ones. I plan to build muscle. To be specific, I plan to build glute, ab and tricep muscles. These are the areas that I feel a bit self conscious of. I have done pretty good with the whole lose skin issue that can plague people who lose a drastic amount of weight. I believe that the bit that I have is 100% manageable with exercise and time. By building muscle in these areas it will change my body’s composition. Muscle preforms very different on the body vs fat. So even though the “weight loss” portion of my journey is pretty much over, the overall look of my body is still in a state of change. Some people have told me just to leave things be. They tell me that I have come so far why would I need to push farther? But, why wouldn’t I want to push farther?! My journey has never been to get to a point and settle in. I have one life and I plan to make the most of it. That includes pushing boundaries and limits.

It’s really fun to learn that you have control and power over your own body. The changes I want to see will take time and dedication. I feel like I am working from a blank canvas in some respects despite the road I have traveled. I think now is a good a time as any to share some intimate before photos. Takes a bit of courage on my part to post these, but I have done harder things than this in the past couple years.

The best way to track progress is through a picture. This year I will build some glute muscles to reshape my bum – it took a bit of a hit with the fat loss, and my abs I plan to tighten up. For kicks, I’m throwing in my tricpes too. They’ve come a long way, but I know I can improve them as well. These specific goals will be accomplished by weight training and some cardio. I bought a barbell over the holidays and have begun weighted squats. It was suggested to me to use a bench to ensure proper form. I am still learning and working on mine but I know it is VERY important to know proper form before engaging in larger weight bearing exercises. I hope by the end of the year to not only have gown a booty, but eliminate the need for the bench.20170112_144435.jpg

Another health related goal involves volleyball. I play rec volleyball a couple times a week. My skill has improved over the years but I’ve always been tentative when it comes to jumping and blocking at the net. I know I have the height to be able to do this. It is the timing of the jumps that makes me hesitant. My goal is to improve upon that. Even if I don’t get the block and instead take the ball to my face , I need to conquer my fear and start jumping more.

One of my personal goals will be to do some traveling this year. Be it on my own or with someone else. Life is about experiences and there are so many places I haven’t been and would like to be. I want to stop dreaming of them and actually visit them.

And lastly, and maybe most importantly I will be focusing on worrying less. I want to live in the moment. I want to be grateful for the happiness I find myself in right now. Really sink in to those moments. I am a planner – in my line of work I have to be. But planning is also my nature to a certain degree. When you are so focused on whats next, you might miss the here and the now. And my here and now is pretty fricken awesome. Happy New Year!

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