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Life, Love and Weightloss – Get What You Want



How is your new year going so far? Want a re do? You’re in luck! Happy Chinese New Year. Welcome to the Year Of The Rooster! This year boasts order, precision, excellence and never backing down. And according to Eugina Last from the Toronto Sun, “This year is perfect for those who strive to reach the ultimate level of life mentally, physically and financially, but not so good for those who favor being lazy or living the life of a couch potato.”

I think the Rooster may be my new spirit animal. The cat has been my animal of choice since exiting the womb. And the cat is just about the world’s definition of laziness. So maybe not the right fit for me. I am after all a morning person. The Rooster may have been my calling all along!

I’m not one to follow too strongly on the principals of western or eastern astrology, even religion for that matter. In my own life’s actions I trend towards following my head and my heart. Putting trust in both of mine has taken some time. Feeling confident about my decisions has taken even longer.

What do you want? What a loaded question. For some people it may take a while to figure it out. Once you do, expect to get creative in finding ways to hold onto the core of it. In life and love I think it comes down to determining what your bottom line is. And working outwards from there. For me, I have always needed to be goal specific. Weight loss taught me that. God, what hasn’t weight loss taught me? Some people may turn to bible scriptures to help them decide paths to take in life. Others may look to horoscopes, even lines from their favourite songs for guidance about decision making. For me, all roads seem to lead back to weight loss.

It had to be more than “ I want to lose weight.” That sentence is so vague. It had to be broken down into specific components and then plans of action were needed for each component. My life is no different.

From day one of running my business I had small goals that I set for myself – and achieved. EVERY SINGLE ONE. It didn’t happen by chance or because I wished it into existence. It was a goal, a plan and I put it into action. Some took longer than others, but over the course of a decade they’ve all happened. And guess what? It’s not over. I’m still setting new ones. What I want is always evolving, but the core of what Amanda’s Pet Sitting stands for stays the same.

Love follows the same path. It is fair to say I’ve wanted different things at different times. Like the other aspects of my life, some of them have taken longer to achieve. But if past life lessons have taught me anything, it’s that I eventually always get there. In previous matters of the heart, my standards were much different. I equate a lot of that to being overweight. I attracted a different sort of person due to the vibes I was sending out. My lack of self confidence shone through me in a myriad of ways. My lack of self respect did the same thing. I would find myself surrounded by the type of person who found those traits attractive. The moment I began to give myself more value, my eyes opened. My standards towards myself changed and I began to understand what I truly wanted. What I truly deserved. I take comfort in knowing that because I have a higher value towards myself, then that’s now the type of person that will be in my life. Someone who sees my value. I will settle for nothing less.

To figure out what we want, we have to keep experiencing life. We can’t be that couch potato and sit around waiting for it happen. Nor do we need to feel pressured into creating something that isn’t there, something false. Just live life. Live your life. Do the things that make you happy, go to the places that entice your soul. That energy is the key to getting what you want. Never back down. Embrace your inner Rooster.


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2 thoughts on “Life, Love and Weightloss – Get What You Want

  1. It’s like the saying “dress for the job that you want”

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree. I think too often people sell themselves short. We all have a lot to offer. If we’re able to showcase that in natural ways then we can take comfort in knowing that we’ve been authentic and true to ourselves.


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